For magician Trixie Bond, the future was foretold when her father bestowed on his newborn a name to reflect his beloved avocation—the craft of magic.

Of course, young Trixie Lee Dodson couldnt recognize her legacy then.  But she surprised no one as she grew up embracing the love of card tricks and disappearing acts, sleight of hand and rabbits pulled out of hats.

These days, Trixie Bond is one of the most popular magicians in the Southwest.

When makers of the 1999 movie, Just Sue Me, needed a card-manipulation expert, they turned to Trixie Bond.  So did director Robert Altman for Brewster McCloud, which featured fellow Houstonian Shelley Duvall.

Through the years, Trixie has appeared on almost every talk show and childrens program in the area—and even co-hosted the six-day-a-week Admiral Foghorn Show for a Lubbock TV station.

Corporate events, childrens parties, country clubs and theater dates fill her calendar these days, as well as special engagements at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and Houstons five-star dinner club, The Magic Island, where she performed close-up magic for five years as the first (and so far, only) female house magician.

Shes even performed her magic barefoot in a mosque — and on the lawn of the White House! 

Whatever the setting, Trixie stresses the professional in her role as a professional magician.  Believing magic should be enjoyed by all, she designs family-oriented acts.

Come explore the world of magic with Trixie Bond . . .

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