Is your company ready to increase your impact and leads at a trade show?
Here is how Trixie’s Magic can help you…..

Trixie has an exceptional ability to attract and keep people in and around your exhibit booth.  She has a unique way of weaving her magic monologue around the products or services your company wishes to promote.  With her magical presentation, attendees will leave your exhibit booth remembering your marketing message and the magic even helps them remember where your exhibit is located.  Many times attendees and future clients will bring their co-workers and associates back to your booth just to see the magic and hear your message one more time!

People are still talking about our booth at TEXPO!  Thanks so much for helping us create a “REAL SUCCESS”  story our first time out.  You’re GREAT!

Paula Bohls
Sterling Bank, Vice President
Manager Cash Management Services

Trixie’s skills as a magician, speaker, radio talk show host, and radio advertising sales executive enable her to under-stand your trade show goals and objectives, delivering your message in a professional, effective and amazing way.  Each show is custom tailored for the individual client.

Call early to secure your date with Trixie’s Magic!