Trixie Bond in Texas Highways

Trixie Bond was featured in an article entitled Now You See It: Texas Masters of Illusion in the February 2003 edition of Texas Highways Magazine, The Travel Magazine of Texas.  An excerpt of the article is reproduced below, with the layout reformatted for easy reading on the web.

Trixie dazzles at Magic Island in Houston; cunningly captivates a Magic Island audience [below].

You can Behold a world of dreams and mystery year round at Magic Island, on Houstons Southwest Freeway.  Youll know youre there when you see the golden head of King Tut on the roof. 

The swank supper club is decked out like ancient Egypt with a Victorian twist.  Sip a cocktail in the Den of Osiris, then feast in rooms named Cleopatras Chamber, Pharaohs Retreat, and the Court of Nefertiti as wizards perform before your very eyes.  After dinner, retreat to Tutankhamens Palace for the headline act.

We book acts from Las Vegas like Lance Burton, Mac King, Rick Thomas, and Steve Wyrick, just to name a few, says Magic Island entertainment director Scott Hollingsworth.  Local and regional magicians fill out the bill and sometimes headline as well.  Our guests see at least three different magicians each night, adds Scott.  Frequent Magic Island performers include Frank Price, a former Houston criminal court judge, and one of the few women in magic, Trixie Bond.

In the late 1960s, Scotts pioneering restaurant magic performances found an enthusiastic audience.  Today, people continue to be enthralled, and dining spots remain some of the best places to see closeup magic, tricks performed with coins, cards, and other small items.